Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oriental Flair

         6" x 10"
Prismacolors of Fisher 400 paper mounted to Gatorboard

I'm kind of hooked on this 6" x 10" shape. Its kind of funny because this shape is just the leftover piece from the board I had Creative Encounters cut & mount off of my sheets of Fisher 400 paper. I just like that little bit of extra height to cure that perfect rectangle feel of an 8 x 10. 

I am also stuck for a little bit on the tiny details after doing these! I better do a bigger one next to get me out of it for a bit - but I have 2 more 6 x 10's left!
Here's a pic of the three small ones sitting on (a very dusty) ledge together. Seeing this I may darken Maggie's figure  on the first one. 


sue said...

its truly amazing how you get so much detail into these minis. I love them!

Dors said...

Beautiful job Nicole. Love the colors.