Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Well Read

Well Read
6" x 10"
Prismacolors on Fisher 400 

The last one was so much fun I had to do one more. Unfortunately I had to use me as the model because Maggie and I posed at the museum. That's fine really but its just not my best side. 

Anyway... the work of art I am in front of has some meaning too, but not as much as the other one. My husband had a print of this painting hanging in his room in college which is where we met. It is Fragonard's Young Girl Reading.  On the National Gallery's website it has this to say about the painting:

 "Fragonard painted several young girls in moments of quiet solitude. These works are not portraits but evocations, similar to the "fantasy portraits" Fragonard made of acquaintances as personifications of poetry and music. He painted these very quickly—in an hour, according to friends—using bold, energetic strokes."

The fun thing about doing these miniature paintings is it feels like your tiny pencil tip is a big paint brush - with every stroke counting!

detail of my drawing about actual size!


MrCachet said...


Carolina said...

That's awesome!
What a totally different style, but you dominate it too. I'm such a big fan of your work!

SYLVIANE said...


Angela Finney said...

Wow, Nichole, I love this and the one with Maggie, too. I have been looking at Karen Jurik's work and others and also thinking about trying daily paintings with everyday scenes. I did not think I could do this kind of thing with colored pencil, especially fast. Not sure that I can, but you sure can! BRAVO!

Kendra said...

Nice work Nicole! I love that oil painting too. I remember it struck me when I saw it at the National Gallery.