Monday, May 2, 2011

CPSA 2011

I am happy to announce my piece Lasting Impressions got into this year's CPSA International Competition. I am really excited because it is my third to get in and will get me signature status this year.

As far as my computer issues - I am still without a real computer, but will have something to work with this week.

My past entries that got in are: 

& Diner Reflections

The show will be at the 
Charles W. Eisemann Center
2351 Performance Drive
Richardson, TX 75082 

Jun 29-Jul 31


Roger Brown My Botswana Art said...

Beautiful work ! I still cant believe that such perfect art is made with just colored pencils :)

Gemma said...

Congratulations on your acceptance Nicole!!!! But most of all.... congratulations on your Signature... Woo Hoo!!!!!


Teresa Mallen said...

Congratulations on earning signature status Nicole! Best of luck on winning an award!!! Your piece sure looks like a winner to me. :-)

Marion said...

What a beautiful picture, as indeed are all of your pictures.

Felicity said...

Congratulations Nicole - three beautiful pieces and well deserved!

Shawn Falchetti said...

Beautiful piece, Nicole! Congrats on earning Signature Status - woo-hoo!

Carolina said...

Congratulations Nicole, very well deserved!

Mattlima said...