Sunday, May 29, 2011

Oh Deer...

I have a show coming up next month at in Keene which is now affiliated with Monadnock Fine Art Gallery. The show opening will be June 17th. I'll post more information soon.

It is good timing too because when I am so busy with the "end of the year" stuff at my school and my own kids' school it is hard to keep making artwork. So this is pushing me to make some new pieces.

So here is the first new piece - one for the Kitsch Series.

Oh Deer!
Coloursofts on Fisher 400 paper mounted on Gatorboard

I can't seem to get enough of these flower pots from the 50's/60's. They are just so much fun. Thanks again to my friend Luann Udell for lending me this adorable ceramic pot. 

& thanks to Derwent for making the amazing color Lichen Green in the Coloursoft line which seems tobe  able to disguise itself as a dirty spring green and  a great shadowed yellow. 

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Reflections From Life Art Blog said...

Nicole, this is a very cute and lovely piece. I always love your backgrounds, and the flowers are beautiful.