Sunday, July 31, 2011


I got back Tuesday from a great trip with the family back home in Chicago. We did get to see Harry Potter which was A-Mazing. When I got home and started to think of what new drawing to make I really wanted to do another Harry Potter inspired one, but resisted. Instead I made one equally as weird.

 My mom gave me these cups with faces on them that came with bottles of Bailey's. I decided to stack them because I thought the faces partially obscured in different ways was a bit funny. However, paired with the grey background and mostly grey pencil they give off a slightly darker feeling. 

11" x 14" 
Coloursofts on Pastelbord


Teresa Mallen said...

Wow, what an interesting group of mugs. Madhatter is a wonderful title. The piece does have a sense of being a little macabre. Great rendering!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Oh - that's really good. It sort of sneaks up on you. Great title.

sue said...

I love it ... but it is a little spooky don't you think?

Mary said...

Wow, those are creepy but I love it.