Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fresh OJ

Fresh OJ
6" x 18"
Coloursofts on Pastelbord

I'm terribly happy with this one.  I am happy with it technique-wise, not because my technique is perfect, but because it does those little things that realists love doing. I love the hidden half of an orange behind the squeezed one on the left... the way it is nestled in a weird dark space that I created. I am also very happy with the hints of glow in the piece (not only Kinkade enjoys capturing light). That is something that if you try to plan for - it doesn't happen. It happens by setting the lighting and objects in such a way that you get pockets of glow as well as being able to draw/paint them to work right. In this picture I managed to get the little fruit glass of juice in just the right light to see that yellow orangey glow in the middle as well as in the flesh of the fruit slices. 

I am also happy with this piece for the mood/image it displays. I have been guilty of looking at contemporary realist artwork and complaining that it is all well done, but "geez what century was it made in!?"  Not only do the techniques harken back to the 19th century but so do the objects, arrangement and lighting. One thing that I have tried to do with my still-lifes is try to make them look up to date. I think this piece really achieves that with its graphic black and white backdrop and boldly lit colourful objects. 

I have 3 more of these fruit glasses that are reminiscent of jelly jars - each with a different fruit on it. I plan on making more of these before school gets back to have ready for Art in the Park in Keene in the beginning of September as well as the upcoming Fall Foliage Art Studio Tour coming right after. 

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Gemma said...

Love it Nicole!!!!