Monday, September 26, 2011

The Things I'll Do For This Book!

Who is the cheapest model you can get? No, not your kids... believe me they make you pay - its yourself! I am doing the chapter on face proportions and drawing the face. I did want to get across the point that most people do NOT follow the usual guideline for face proportions. You know the one: eyes half way between chin and top of the head, bottom of nose 1/2 way between eye line and chin, mouth half way between the bottom of the nose and chin. If we all exactly fell on those guidelines the world would be pretty boring and would resemble the Scott Westerfeld's Prettys. 

I knew that I wasn't close to those ideal guidelines but it is a bit surprising just how off I am, lol. Above is my photo looking as straight ahead as I could get. I've printed out the photo and drawn on top of it where those "general guidelines" would be. My eyes are above it... my nose WAY above it (I knew that), my lips too!

So here is my guidelines where they just are - not where they should be, lol. Do notice my ears are right where they are supposed to be, lol. 

and then above is applying those guidelines on my head from different angles. When the head is turned those lines curve with the curvature of the head. 

Enjoy this sneak peak... and no I do NOT wear my hair that way - ever! :-)


Crystal Cook said...

Lol! I had to laugh when I read your first line because I just barely started a new series of paintings with, you guessed it, moi as the model. Yikes!! But I knew what I wanted it to look like and sometimes I have a hard time conveying that feeling to someone else you know?

I'm excited for your book and I very much enjoyed this sneak peek. :) And personally. . . I wouldn't mind looking like a Pretty, or even a Special. That would be sa-weet.

Nicole Caulfield said...

Okay Crystal - I love your artwork AND you write young adult fiction??? What? You are awesome. I don't think I would want to look like a special though... shiver!

Matthew Lima said...

thanks for the info ! we just started learning how to draw faces in class.

Katherine Thomas said...

I was doing sort of the same thing yesterday. I'm having trouble with the angle of the lips in a portrait, so I was posing in the mirror, pursing my lips all different ways... This is a great post. The book sounds interesting!

Kara K. Bigda said...

Great post . . . your last line cracked me up. :)