Monday, November 28, 2011

New Venture With My Sister

I recently started a new website with my sister called It is a recipe site that focuses on planning meals ahead and freezing them in individual portion sized packets. My husband and I have been cooking like this for years now: creating big batches of food once or twice a week and not cooking the rest of the week. The thing that makes it different is portioning it out to the individual portions. My sister has been doing something similar; cooking on Saturdays for the whole week and packing them for lunch and dinner and keeping them in the fridge. It just made sense to join forces, resources and recipes and start a website to keep us motivated for making new recipes and keep up with our healthy nutrition.

My sister lost 100 pounds over 5 years and is dedicated to keeping it off and preplanning her meals has really helped. I have lost almost 40 pounds from my highest weight and have kept it off for three years (with some minor ups and downs).

Anyway - it is not artwork but I did get to do all the design for the new website complete with its own infographic. I used all free programs or sites to do do everything:

  • Google Sites for hosting and template design
  • The free program Inkscape for making the logos and Infographic
  • The free graphic program Picnik for editing photos
  • Google Documents for holding the pdf recipes
  • Open Office for documents

& I know there are more that will come to mind. I highly recommend Inkscape if you can't afford Illustrator - it was really easy to get the hang of in a weekend.

So, please stop by the website and give it a look. If you are interested in nutrition, cooking, etc maybe you will want to join our blog, follow us on twitter, like us on Facebook,  or submit a recipe! We don't have a lot of recipes yet (we just started) but we are adding 2-4 recipes or more a week.

I promise to get back to posting my art soon. I have a really good idea for a  self portrait I would like to do and am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel on my digital portrait book!  For now you will have to settle for my great (haha) logo above and taking a peak at my first ever Inkscape infographic here.

p.s. you don;t want to know how long it took me to make that cute little peapod logo....


Rose Welty said...

Thanks for mentioning this Nicole. I just started on my own GF journey - I feel better than I've felt in years - but it is a bit overwhelming, really looking forward to trying out your ideas and recipes!

Nicole Caulfield said...

You are very welcome Rose!!!! Its really not so bad eating gluten-free. Although I have to admit I do use things like soy sauce that has minimal amounts of gluten.

I hope you find the site useful! If you ever want to submit a recipe - that would be great!