Monday, November 14, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas 2011 Greeting Card from

To celebrate the holiday season I am offering a Christmas card at cost (no profit for me)  from (click above). It is notecard sized and depicts a vintage planter holding holly and some red leaves. The original done in all Coloursoft pencils will be on sale soon in my Etsy shop. 

EDIT: Zazzle is having a sale of 1/2 priced cards! Use the coupon code: CARDNPOSTAGE

If you would rather print the image yourself - click on the image above for a high resolution copy and shrink it to size. Enjoy! & let the holiday season begin!

I am posting a Christmas Shop soon with artwork priced for the holiday season so watch for it. 


Katherine Thomas said...

It's beautiful! So cheerful, and yet so gentle. A perfect Christmas image.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Very dinky! What a nice gesture too....