Thursday, June 27, 2013

More Saturday Market Readiness

I need everyone to cross their fingers my tent gets here tomorrow! Although it is going to be in the 90's, so maybe I don't want to go this weekend, lol.

I mentioned that the Saturday Market encourages creative displays, so I've started adding some things to my basic display. I'm sorry for the bad cellphone pics and equally bad garage lighting.

This is  not an art fair or festival but an art and craft market. There are some amazing artists, but there are also duct tape crafts and tie-dye. The aesthetic is just different than a big fine art show that requires a minimal look to appreciate the art. A packed full, fun display is much more important here - if it looks like you don't have a lot of merchandise they'll move on to the next booth.

Upgrade #1 -  I bought clip on lamps to brighten the artwork. I also decided to have my two front panels FULL of prints so when people walk by they will catch their eye. These are all framed prints. 

These 8 - My retro prints - will go on the other side welcoming people from the other direction. 

Upgrade #2 - Okay it might seem crazy to hang a big vintage curtain in the back of the booth, but I am hoping it will be a big quirky backdrop when walking by that shows there are fun things within. It is actually a duvet cover I found at Salvation Army last year.

Here it is closer. I am also using trouser hangers to hang some prints on the short panel. I would hang framed art there but I will be standing behind there and I don't want people to scratch them when they pay. The sign you see on the back wall I think I am going to move onto the cart so its not a big white wall facing the walkway. I made the sign last year using a stock photo of a table and chairs and inserted my art on the walls to show that they look good grouped. I'd like to make another one using my vintage work. 

The other two blank panels will have originals on them. I want the originals in the inside of the tent because I don't want them in direct sunlight and also I've sold a bunch of them, so the groupings will be all mixed up as opposed to my full print groupings. 

Here is the sign by the cart, but I need to figure out how to hang it on there. I think I've seen magnetic hooks at staples. 

Upgrade #3 - Here's the $1 frame from IKEA - so cute isn't it? I made a sign in it that says the price of my packaged prints and that I accept credit cards. I will have one on each side of the cart. 

I feel really good about what I have to offer. I counted and have 29 different prints on offer - almost all made since this time last year!


Sue Clinker said...

Well thought out, bright and quirky. Looks fabulous and I'm sure you'll make lots of sales.

Gloria Callahan, CPSA said...

Innovative and good looking display. I hope you do we'll. question where are you getting your prints done? I'm having a difficult time getting what I see on my monitor to print that way. Calibrated my Mac with a Huey and everything. Do you worry if the prints don't match the original? And I find if I show the original with the prints they only buy the print. Art shows craft or otherwise are tiring to do, I hope you've had you coffee.......