Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Studio Pics & Shiver Update

Besides helping my husband during his eye injury, I've also been moving my studio. This is my third studio in about a year! I had one in my house, then downtown with my husband, and now I have my own downtown! Its right across the hall from my old space, but its a little bit smaller since I am not sharing with my husband anymore. 

Its not fully in order yet (try to ignore the pile of junk by the door) but I thought you might enjoy seeing it. As soon as I have it fully in order I hope to open it to the public every once in a while. 


Katherine Tyrrell said...

Thanks Nicole - I love looking at pictures of people's studios.

I'm sure people will find it fascinating to see how you work - now you're working lifesize and I'm going to link to this post on Sunday.


Nice, love looking at other artist's pics.


Morgaine said...

What a wonderful painting, love it, lovely to see how you progress with it.