Sunday, August 28, 2011

Art In the Park, Coloursoft Tins arrived, New School Year, the Hurricane

Well I have been busy, busy, busy so this blog post will just cover everything. I'm sitting here this morning right in tropical storm Irene's path (it has been downgraded) waiting for the electricity to go off so I figured it was now or never for this post. 

That little red pointer is my house and that blue line is the projected "center" path. Considering that the storm is a couple hundred miles wide, I think we will be getting hit. & actually we just got some of the first big gusts. I'm beginning to not like trees. 

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you may have read that my artwork was commissioned to be on the new boxes of Coloursoft pencils. Well I just got some in the mail! They are not in the US stores yet as far as I know (not at mine), but should be soon. I need to send a bunch of little elves in to buy up the old boxes so they can be replaced!  Derwent contacted me to submit a design because of this blog and Facebook - so if you are wondering if you should start an art blog - start one now. :-)

This was the original drawing that I sent to Derwent sitting on an easel. It was done in all Coloursofts (of course) on Fisher 400 paper that Creative Encounters mounted on Gatorboard. 

So this has been a busy couple of weeks - last week was meetings at school and readying the classroom for a new year. I've gotten my room and assignments so much better organized - I hope it will make for a happy year. Then the last couple of days I've been getting ready for the hurricane. 

Tuesday school starts and then Saturday and Sunday next week is the annual Art in the Park fair in Keene at Ashuelot Park. I hope it doesn't flood too bad and the show can go as planned next week. I have loads of artwork to display this year including my 3 new juice still-lifes and my 2 new Harry Potter inspired ones. I have a new tent and finally have enough display walls to fill it. If you have time, come and see me! Its a really great fair with over 80 artists in a beautiful park (that is right next to a Starbucks, win, win). 

Now I better log off. 


Crystal Cook said...

Gosh you are close to the Hurricane! I hope you guys are ok. And that is SO cool that your art is on that tin. :) It's a beautiful piece, as all your work is. Good luck with the new school year and your art show, which I could come see it.

Sirena.Aqua said...

Wow. Your so amazing! We are lucky to have friends as talented as you! Kiera loves doing art at your house. What an insperation :) Great job!