Monday, September 12, 2011

the Nose... book sneak peak

 I had planned on working on my portrait book this summer. I managed to make 6 still-lifes, but I just couldn't work on my book.   I've learned how to draw with my kids around. I started drawing seriously 8 and a half years ago after my youngest daughter was born and I taught myself how to work with constant interruptions. You would think that as they get older, you would get less interruptions, but honestly I think its gotten worse, lol. The typical day this summer consisted of 4-5 meals a day, driving them places, having friends over, lemonade stands, hiking, biking,  applying many band aids, etc. Okay maybe they didn't have 5 meals a day but it certainly felt like it!

The reason I could work on drawings this summer but not my book is because it takes a completely different kind of attention to write. Writing, I think, is THE biggest brain teaser! What a difference a break makes though. I came back with fresh eyes last week and have whipped it into shape. I've reorganized things and have figured out the answer to some of the things I was stuck on. Maybe the kids nagging me was meant to be, lol.

So above is another sneak peak: my example of a straight on nose. :-)

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Lynn said...

I can't wait for this e-book! Do you have an idea when it will be ready for purchsing?