Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fisher 400 available in the US!!! & Squirrel Food

I am so excited that Fisher 400 is now available in the US. Fisher 400 is a sanded paper very much like UART. I love how it works with colored pencils and only use it for all my portraits. I'm sure if you search my blog you will find many mentions on my techniques on it.  
Here's the link on where to get it. .

Squirrel Food 6"x18"

If you follow me on Facebook you might have seen me talking about y little squirrel friends. We've had these little red squirrel visitors on my back deck for a while now. I had never seen them before, or maybe I have but since they are the size of a chipmunk I may have assumed the speedy little guys were chipmunks. They have been so much fun to watch I had to find a way to put one in a still-life. 

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